April 18, 2006

K-9 and Company

As a follow-up to the top ten Doctors. Here are my favorite companions.

*Sarah Jane Smith
*Rose Tyler
*Harold "Harry" Sullivan
*James "Jamie" McCrimmon
*Zoe Herriot
*Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown
*Ian Chesterton
*Barbara Wright
*Josephine "Jo" Grant
*K-9 (the toy was cool)

Sarah, (played by Liz Sladen) remains my favourite companion (Rose runs a formidable close second). She was in the role when I first started watching, at the age of two, in what would become known as the 'gothic era' (1974 - 1976).

The memory of an android Sarah (The Android Invasion) was indelible! I had nightmares for weeks and was convinced that the events had taken place in and around Exeter's Heavitree Park!